Meet the #EURESFO2024 Speakers & Moderators

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Alain Denis

Managing Director, Yellow Window (Belgium)

Alain Denis, Managing Director, Yellow Window

Alain Denis is partner and Managing Director at Yellow Window, a research and design consultancy based in Belgium. He is mainly involved in service and policy design and specialized in user and stakeholder involvement through participatory techniques. The focus of his recent involvement in research projects is on translating research results into operational solutions. This includes solutions to reduce inequalities that increased due to the Covid-19 policies (RESISTIRE), or developing evidence-based solutions to ensure Green Deal policies do not increase inequalities (ACCTING). He has been co-author of a toolkit on service design and a book on policy design.

Andreea Vornicu

Researcher, Center for the Study of Democracy (Romania)

Andreea Vornicu, Researcher, Center for the Study of Democracy

Andreea is a researcher affiliated to the Center for the Study of Democracy with an interest in exploring the manifestations of energy poverty in Romania and CEE countries. Recently, she has been involved in projects related to carbon pricing mechanisms across EU and the implementation of the Social Climate Fund. Andreea is also an active member of the Romanian Observatory of Energy Poverty, where she actively contributes with her expertise bot in mapping the vulnerable households and in identifying sustainable solutions aligned with climate goals.

Bernarda Matijević

Associate for General Administration, EU Projects, and Development, Municipality of Draž (Croatia)

Bernarda Matijevic, Associate for General Administration, EU Projects, and Development, Municipality of Draz

Bernarda Matijević, from the Municipality of Draž, Croatia, is involved as a partner in the EcoDaLLI project. The project aims to restore, protect, and preserve freshwater environments in line with the EU's Green Deal goals for 2030 and 2050. In addition to addressing the impacts of climate change on water systems, EcoDaLLI promotes sustainable management of water resources in the Danube Basin. The project involves collaboration with European partners from various sectors to integrate innovations in water protection. EcoDaLLI also supports the Danube Lighthouse Mission, fostering better freshwater resource management through knowledge exchange and innovative practices.

Chema Segovia

Researcher, Culturalink (Spain)

Chema Segovia, Researcher, Culturalink

CULTURALINK is a consultancy specializing in research, analysis, advice and strategic planning in the cultural and creative sectors with offices in the Canary Islands and the Valencian Community (Spain). Chema Segovia, a project director at CULTURALINK, is an expert in urban and territorial development related to cultural and creative policies. He is also the lead researcher for CULTURALINK in the H2020 project PALIMPSEST.

Edoardo Zanchini

Director at the Climate Office, City of Rome (Italy)

Edoardo Zanchini, Director, Climate Office, City of Rome

Edoardo Zanchini is the director of the city of Rome's climate office. He has been national Vice President of the Italian environmental NGO Legambiente from 2011 to 2022. Architect, holds a master degree in Architecture, a PhD in urban planning at “La Sapienza” University of Rome, and he taught urban planning and urban ecology in Rome, Ferrara and Pescara University. He has been a member of the board of the environmental networks Transport and Environment, RGI (Renewables grid initiative), Worldwide Carbon Price, and of FREE (Association of Italian companies and organizations of renewables and energy efficiency, Rome), Cresme (Research center on economy of the building sector, Rome), and is member of several scientific committees.

Eliza Nika

Researcher, Imperial College London (UK)

Eliza Nika, Researcher, Imperial College London

Dr. Eliza Nika is a distinguished Environmental Engineer and Research Fellow at Imperial College London, specializing in the measurement and assessment of Circular Economy and Sustainability. She earned her PhD from Brunel University London, her M.Sc.Eng. in Environmental & Water Resources Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark, and her B.Eng. from the Technical University of Crete. Her primary research focuses on Circular Economy frameworks, notably in water, energy, and bio-based value chains, and the Water-Energy-Food Ecosystems nexus. Her expertise extends to developing SMART indicators, integrated frameworks, and predictive resource flow models, making her a pivotal figure in strategic sustainability assessments and strategy development.

Emanuel Toft

Project Research Officer, City of Malmö (Sweden)

Emanuel Toft, Project Research Officer, City of Malmo

Emanuel is an urban planner situated at the environment department in the city of Malmö, Sweden. He works with the subject of climate adaptation, making sure that no issues get left unattended in between the responsibilities of different departments. He’s allso worked on national lobbying for a higher degree of understanding of the local level in national policy. Emanuel with collegues develop Malmö’s local targets for adaptation where a special emphasis has been put on heat and rising sea levels the last couple years.

Emilia Botezan

Head of International Affairs and Foreign Investment Department, Cluj-Napoca City Hall (Romania)

Emilia Botezan, Head of International Affairs and Foreign Investment Department, Cluj-Napoca City Hall

Emilia Botezan is the head of the Foreign Affairs and Investments Department in the City Hall of Cluj-Napoca. She has been in the institution for more than 20 years. In this period of time she came into contact with many international delegations and investors interested in Cluj-Napoca and with her department developed different tools for promoting the city as an interesting destination for investments.
Emilia Botezan is the person who offered the investors the first glimpse of the city’s potential. However, she says, it’s not the numbers and the charts that convinced investors to come to Cluj, but the feeling of trust and the quality of people that make Cluj a destination for business and for innovation and research.

Emilio Servera-Martinez

European Projects Officer, València Clima i Energia, Valencia City Council (Spain)

Emilio Servera-Martinez, ValÈncia Clima i Energia, Valencia City Council

Emilio Servera-Martinez is a European Projects Officer at València Clima I Energia, the Climate and Energy Agency of Valencia City Council. With an academic background in Agricultural Engineering and a Master of Science Degree in Natural Resource Management, his career has been focused on climate change adaptation, nature-based solutions, and urban resilience. He has contributed to R&I projects like ARCH. Currently, Emilio is deeply involved in European projects, notably the Fair Local Green Deals . His role extends to being a member of the team working on the València 2030 Climate Mission, an initiative aiming to make Valencia a climate-neutral and resilient city by 2030. Through this locally-approved innovation mission, the city coordinates its participation in the EU Adaptation and Neutral Cities Missions.

Esteban Leon

Head of City Resilience Global Programme, UN-Habitat (Spain)

Esteban Leon, Managing Director, Yellow Window

Mr. Esteban Leon is a Bolivian national with over 20 years of international professional experience in managing sustainable urban development in UN-Habitat.His main areas of expertise are economics, finance, housing and settlements, urban and climate resilience, programme management,reconstruction projects, and institutional strengthening programmes for improved urban governance.He has been representing UN-Habitat in the Humanitarian Inter-Agency Standing Committee in Geneva(2005-2013),Chair of the IASC Meeting Humanitarian Challenges in Urban Areas Group (2010-13), Chair of the Urban Resilience Medellin Collaboration as well as Chair of the Making Cities Resilient Campaign Steering Committee. Currently UN-Habitat global focal point for the UN-Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR). He has developed, fundraised, initiated, managed projects on human settlements recovery in Angola, Mozambique, Pakistan, Peru, Colombia, Georgia, Gaza, Haiti, El Salvador, Samoa, Syria, Philippines, and Ecuador.

Eulàlia Baulenas

Postdoctoral researcher at Barcelona Supercomputing Center (Spain)

Eulalia Baulenas, Postdoctoral researcher, Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Eulàlia is a postdoctoral researcher in the Knowledge transfer team of the Earth System Services Group of the Earth Science Department at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS). She is working along the research lines of participatory methodologies and knowledge coproduction for climate services, as well as citizen engagement for loca climate change adaptation. Her background is of a political scientist with a PhD in Environmental Policy by the University Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany, conducted at the Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy. Previously, she gained experience in the field of consultancy working on comparative studies for the European Commission after finalizing a master’s degree on research methods for the social sciences.
Currently, she is working on the EU-funded projects AGORA, IMPETUS4CHANGE and NextGEMS.

Evina Katsou

Professor, Imperial College London (UK)

Evina Katsou, Professor, Imperial College London

Dr. Evina Katsou is a Professor at Imperial College London, leading the Resilience & Sustainability group which includes 25 postdoctoral researchers and PhD students. She has authored 120 publications, contributed to 12 book chapters, delivered 150 presentations at conferences, edited 2 books, and given 25 invited talks. Her research focuses on using data analytics and mechanistic models in wastewater/water treatment to control and reduce GHG emissions and develop AI-based water engineering solutions. Evina works on frameworks for assessing sustainability and circularity and develops customized tools to support decision-making in various industrial sectors. Evina has been involved in 40 research projects, coordinating 27. She co-leads the Intelligent and Smart Systems Action Group of the ICT4Water Cluster, the Circular Economy VLT of Water Europe, an IWA Specialist Group, and contributes to drafting new ISO standards on Circular Economy.

Fabio Masi

R&D&I Head, IRIDRA Srl (Italy)

Fabio Masi, R&D&I Head, IRIDRA Srl

Fabio is R&D&I Manager and Technical Director of the Italian engineering company IRIDRA Srl, since 1998, Vice-President of Global Wetland Technology (companies association) since 2012 and IWA Fellow since 2020. His background is a PhD in Environmental Sciences and a MSc in Environmental Chemistry. He’s been Chair of the IWA SG on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control and of the TG on Nature Based Solutions for Water and Sanitation. He is project co-author for over 500 Designs of Constructed Wetlands worldwide and author of more than 100 scientific papers (h-index: 30; citations: 3413). He has been working in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America and involved in EC funded projects in the FP5, FP7, MEDA, ENI CBC MED, Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, Interreg and Life+ programs.

Hanne van den Berg

Climate Adaptation Expert, European Environment Agency (Denmark)

Hanne van den Berg, Climate Adaptation Expert, European Environment Agency

Hanne van den Berg is a climate resilience and adaptation expert passionate about making cities more liveable and just in the face of climate change. She has close to fifteen years of international experience on climate change adaptation, nature-based solutions, governance, (participatory) urban planning and decision-support tools from a multi-sectoral perspective.
Hanne currently works at the European Environment Agency as a climate adaptation expert specialized in justice and equity in climate change adaptation. Within this position, she also takes part in the UNFCCC international climate negotiations as part of the European Commission's Negotiation Taskforce and Team EU.
Hanne holds a Doctoral degree from Harvard University (DDes, Fulbright Fellow), an MSc degree in Urban Planning and Design from Delft University of Technology, a BA and MA (Cantab) degree in Architecture from the University of Cambridge, as well as a BSc in Natural Sciences from Utrecht University.

Harriett Tiemens

ICLEI Europe, Director of the Green Metropolitan Region of Arnhem-Nijmegen

Harriett Tiemens, ICLEI Europe, Director of the Green Metropolitan Region of Arnhem-Nijmegen

Currently at the head of the Dutch city region and ICLEI member Groene Metropoolregio Arnhem-Nijmegen, Harriët Tiemens puts her extensive experience in the fields of climate adaptation, circularity and biodiversity to use, to develop the region as a prime national and international example in sustainable and green urban development.
In the past years Harriët Tiemens has built an excellent European track record. For example, by heading the campaign for the City of Nijmegen to become European Green Capital 2018 but also by being a recognized contributor to European and international conferences like COP, EURESFO, POLIS, Velo-city, the Austrian World Summit, GlobeEU, Ecoprocura and meetings with the European Parliament and European Commission, both through her current position with the ICLEI RexCom and other national and international networks.
Tiemens studied Environmental Science at Saxion University of Applied Sciences and Public Administration at Leiden University. She was Deputy Mayor for the City of Nijmegen from 2014 to 2021. During that time, she chaired the physical pillar of the G40 network of Dutch cities and was chair of the VNG (Association of Dutch Municipalities) committee for housing, mobility and spatial development.

Irene Bonvissuto

Team Leader Adaptation to Climate Change Mission, European Commission (Belgium)

Irene Bonvissuto, Team Leader Adaptation to Climate Change Mission, European Commission

An environmental engineer as background, Irene leads the European Commission Team that implements the EU Adaptation to Climate Change Mission, bringing together resources from the Climate Action and the Research and Innovation departments. Before, she worked in the energy field, both on the policy side and on the programmes and projects implementation side, to increase renewable energies uptake in Europe and their effective integration of the renewable sources in the European electricity system.    

João Dinis

Director, City of Cascais (Portugal)

Joao Dinis, Director, City of Cascais

João Dinis (Geographer) has been developing climate change action and sustainable development strategies through innovative approaches on spatial planning, technology and governance models for the last 15 years. By managing local strategies for climate change, partnerships and stakeholders are brought in a multi-specialist and multi-institutional approach to develop a roadmap towards a resilient future.
This resulted in a frontrunning experience which led to the implementation of over 40 climate actions in the last 5 years for the city of Cascais, the development of monitoring and digital tools which help both citizens and risk related stakeholders, nature-based solutions which significantly contributed to the quality of life.

Kaisa Schmidt-Thomé

Leading Researcher at Demos Helsinki (Finland)

Kaisa Schmidt-Thome, Leading Researcher, Demos Helsinki

Kaisa Schmidt-Thomé is based at Demos Helsinki as a Leading Researcher, focusing on Urban Transformations. She works also with cities and urban regions on sustainability transitions and social inclusion. With her background in Geography (University of Helsinki, Lic.Phil. in 2004) and Land Use Planning (Aalto University, Dr.Tech. in 2015) she is a generalist–urbanist who has published among others on planning theory, participatory urban planning and municipal climate leadership. She holds the title of a Docent, i.e, Adjunct Professor, in Strategic Planning for Urban Sustainability at Tampere University. Recently Kaisa has been working several Horizon Europe projects, such as Regions4Climate, NetZeroCities and CommuniCity.

Loïc Charpentier

Water Innovation Policy Manager, Water Europe (Belgium)

LoÏc Charpentier, Water Innovation Policy Manager, Water Europe

Loïc Charpentier is the manager of the advocacy program of Water Europe, the European association of the innovative water sector. He also contributes to the communication of EU research & innovation projects on behalf of Water Europe to the European institutions and manages the MEP Water Group’s secretariat.  He is also involved in different European research clusters and the chairman of the Policy working group of the ZeroPollution4Water cluster. He is a member of the Brussels Sustainability Club. With a background in law and a master in European studies, Loïc worked previously at the European Association of Research and Technology organisations as policy assistant. In 2017, he received the College of Europe – Arenberg European Prize for its master thesis, a comparative study of the European integration and the creation of the federal states of Indonesia.

Ludwig Sonesson

Climate Adaptation Strategist, City of Malmö (Sweden)

Ludwig Sonesson, Climate Adaptation Strategist, City of Malmo

Ludwig Sonesson works as a Climate Adaptation Strategist for the City of Malmö focused on urban greening, nature-based solutions, heat risks and just adaptation. With a background in both adaptation and in futures studies, his mission is to anticipate the risks of the future and use nature to ensure that the most vulnerable are protected.

Marc Serra Solé

President of the Climate Action and Energy Transition Area, Barcelona Province (Spain)

Marc Serra SolÉ, President of the Climate Action and Energy Transition Area, Barcelona Province

Marc Serra Solé was born in Barcelona, Spain. He holds a degree in law and sociology and a Master's in Advocacy from the Illustrious College of Lawyers. He has worked with organizations dedicated to advocating for social and environmental rights. In 2019, he was elected as the Councillor for Citizenship Rights and Participation in the Barcelona City Council, a position he held until May 2023. During his international tenure, he served as the Secretary General of the International Observatory of Participatory Democracy (OIDP) and played a pivotal role in Barcelona's successful bid to become the European Capital of Democracy (2023-2024). Currently, he holds the position of President of the Climate Action and Energy Transition Area and serves as a Deputy for Participation in the Barcelona Provincial Council.

Maria Ximena Michemberg Conti

Senior Adaptation Consultant, Ricardo Consulting (Spain)

Maria Ximena Michemberg Conti, Senior Adaptation Consultant, Ricardo Consulting

Ximena has over a decade of experience in climate change adaptation and stakeholder engagement. As a senior adaptation consultant, she is leading projects worldwide focusing on improving water access and sanitation, with recent projects in Bolivia emphasizing women-centered and nature-based solutions for water treatment. With expertise in multi-level governance, she has implemented national and sectorial adaptation plans in several countries, focusing on critical infrastructure. Currently, Ximena is part of the team delivering the Mission Implementation Platform (MIP4Adapt) for the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change. Under MIP4Adapt, Ximena leads the establishment and management of the EU Mission Adaptation Community of Practice- a platform facilitating knowledge sharing, good practice demonstration and promoting collaboration amongst its members.

Marielle Versteeg

Policy advisor / Project manager, City of Utrecht (Netherlands)

Marielle Versteeg, Policy advisor / Project manager, City of Utrecht

As a policy advisor, Marielle works on making the city of Utrecht’s climate adaptive program. Whilst its population is growing rapidly, Utrecht is also affected by climate change. Drier and warmer summers create more pronounced urban heat islands. Hence, making the city greener and more heat resilient for everyone is a priority.
Marielle uses her broad perspective with years of experience in urban design and project management. Her work is characterized by its practical approach, leading to concrete results.
Together with colleagues from city and province she collaborates on Urban ReLeaf. Utrecht is one of the pilot cities in this innovative project of the European Union's Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme.  Together with residents and city stakeholders, actions are co-created to collect data on temperature, air humidity and heat stress to make climate change adaptation more effective.

Marie Caroline Vallon

RÉgion Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur (France)

Marie Caroline VALLON , RÉgion Provence Alpes CÔte d'Azur

Marie Caroline Vallon, a graduate of the Institut d'Etudes Politiques and holder of a master's degree in regional development and planning, has been working for over 20 years with local authorities in the Region Sud on all aspects of sustainable regional development (biodiversity, energy, land, natural resources, housing production), developing a global, decompartmentalised and uncomplicated approach to urban issues and practices. From 2017 to 2022, she was project manager for the Nature For City LIFE project and developed training initiatives for city stakeholders, such as a, and a number of tools for mobilizing people to better manage nature with a view to adapting cities to climate change.
As a partner in the CARDIMED project, it is part of the French team piloting a demonstration site on university campuses where SFN (de-waterproofing and micro-forests) are being tested with teams from Aix Marseille University, SEMIDE and the Empan consultancy.

Paola Lepori

Policy officer for nature-based solutions, European Commission (Belgium)

Paola Lepori, Policy officer for nature-based solutions, European Commission

Paola Lepori is a Policy Officer for Nature-based Solutions at the European Commission, DG Research & Innovation. Her core professional objective is building alliances to trigger transformative change towards an inclusive nature-positive future. Before joining the Biodiversity and Nature-based Solutions team in 2022, she had been working in the field of environment for several years, including in DG Maritime Affairs & Fisheries, as a communication officer. In Italy, Paola worked as desk news and writer for newspapers focusing on international affairs, writing in-depth analyses on current and environmental affairs. Her academic background is international relations, and international cooperation with a focus on the Middle East. Her academic research brought her from Italy to the UK, Jordan, Syria and Australia.
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Paul Sayers

Director at SPL, United Kingdom

Paul Sayers, Director SPL, United Kingdom

Paul specialises in the strategic management of climate-related risks and opportunities. This includes supporting adaptation in catchments, coasts, cities, and infrastructure systems to provide greater resilience to climate-related hazards (such as floods, droughts and coastal erosion). Recently Paul co-lead the infrastructure theme of the European Climate Risk Assessment and is a member of the CoCliCo programme developing the next generation of the climate change services for the coast.

Ramon Canal Oliveras

Director of the TPO (in charge of SDGs and NZC Mission), Barcelona City Council (Spain)

Ramon Canal Oliveras, Director of the TPO, Barcelona City Council

Ramon Canal Oliveras holds a PhD in Political Science from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). He has been research coordinator at the Institute of Government and Public Policies of the UAB and public manager and adviser to the City Council of Manresa. He has also worked as a consultant in national and international projects and has taught local government and public management as an associate professor. He currently works for Barcelona City Council, promoting the city's 2030 Agenda and the European mission 100 climate-neutral and smart and cities.

Sofia Aivalioti

Senior Consultant, Bax (Spain)

Sofia Aivalioti, Senior Consultant, Bax

Sofia Aivalioti is a senior consultant at Bax working on topics of one health, healthy urban planning, nature-based solutions and biodiversity. She is the lead expert for the One Health 4 Cities (URBACT) Network supporting cities to integrate a holistic health vision in strategies and projects (human, animal and environmental health). She is managing the Biodiverse Cities project (Interreg NS) where 8 cities in North Europe are transitioning to nature-inclusive societies. Sofia has over 10 years in developing and managing transnational collaborations, workshop facilitation and capacity building, working closely with cities, public authorities and research organisations. She has M.Sc. in Environment and International Development from the University of Edinburgh (UK) and a M.Eng. of the Joint European Master in Environmental Studies - Cities & Sustainability offered by four European universities and coordinated by Aalborg University (DK).<style type="text/css">td {border: 1px solid #cccccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}</style>

Stella Psaropoulou

Resilience & Sustainability Officer, City of Thessaloniki (Greece)

Stella Psaropoulou, Resilience & Sustainability Officer, City of Thessaloniki

Mrs Stella Psarropoulou is an officer at the Municipality of Thessaloniki for 19 years while the last (8) eight years, she works and manages the Resilient Thessaloniki office and since 2020 is the Deputy Chief Resilience Officer. She has been project team member of a number of European funded projects such as the Horizon2020 Food Trails project and UP2030 project alongside she is team member working for Thessaloniki’s participation in EU Mission for Climate Neutrality and Mission Adaptation and focal point for international and European partnerships and platforms (RCN, ICLEI, Eurocities etc). Her background is in Financial Studies, she holds a Master’s degree in “European Integration & Governance”, University of Macedonia, Greece and a second Master’s degree in “Spatial Planning for Sustainable and Resilient Urban Development”, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), Faculty School, Greece where she also started her PhD research on the localization of the SDGs.

Tadej Stepisnik Perdih

Project Manager, National Technical University of Athens

Tadej Stepisnik Perdih, Project Manager,  National Technical University of Athens

Tadej Stepisnik Perdih (Ph.D. Mech. Eng.) is responsible for partnerships and project implementation and at the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens. His career focuses on cross-disciplinary topics of water/wastewater management including nature-based solutions, water-energy-food nexus and alternative water sources. He has experience in managing projects across several EU funding schemes, including Horizon, PRIMA, Life+, ERC PoC and I3 - Interregional Innovation Investment. Tadej is currently making sure that projects CARDIMED (NBS | Horizon Europe), SureNexus (nexus | PRIMA), INNO4CFIs (nexus | I3) and iWAYS (wastewater treatment | H2020) are running smooth and is also involved in REMEDIES (plastic pollution | Horizon Europe) and Biodaph2O (wastewater treatment | Life+).

Tom George

Product Manager, Google (US)

Tom George, Product Manager, Google

Thomas George is a Product Lead at Google working at the intersection of Cities and Sustainability, building solutions to help Cities decarbonize while improving the lives of its citizens. He came to Google from Sidewalk Labs where he was leading the Pebble team, optimizing parking and transportation systems in cities.  Prior to that, he was VP of Technology for Quadlogic Controls, leading product development and acquisitions, and COO of BlocPower, a Clean Energy startup.
Tom has spent over 20 years building teams to develop and deploy products and systems around the world; in sustainability, clean-energy, IoT and satellite communications, among others. From energy policy in New York to rural electrification in Eastern Congo to hardware product development in China, Tom has a demonstrable ability to plan, execute and deliver in complex situations.

Toomas Toodu

Green Cluster Manager, Pärnu County Development Centre (Estonia)

Toomas Toodu, Green Cluster Manager, Pärnu County Development Centre

Toomas Toodu's contribution to promoting climate awerness and the implementation of sustainability principles has been significant. For the past two years, he has led the green cluster at the Pärnu County Development Centre, aiming to support local businesses and residents on sustainability issues, helping them transition to more environmentally friendly practices and technologies. Toomas is known for his passionate commitment to sustainability principles, managing to inspire both colleagues and community members to think and act in ways that contribute to the preservation of the environment for future generations. His work at the Pärnu County Development Center has made a significant contribution to advancing the green transition in this region, making Pärnu County a model for integrating sustainability into the local economy and community life.

Zoe Buyle-Bodin

EU policy advisor for R&I, Energy & Climate, Normandy Region (France)

Zoe Buyle-Bodin, EU policy advisor for R&I, Energy & Climate, Normandy Region

Zoe Buyle-Bodin is EU policy advisor in charge of Research & Innovation, Climate Action and Energy portfolios at the Brussels office of Normandie Region. Member of the Horizon Europe Climate & Energy NCP team, she is also coleading the ERRIN/European Regions Research & Innovation Network Adaptation Task Force. She holds a master’s degree in Political Science from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Lille and a MA in European Political and Governance Studies from the College of Europe.