Enabling the transformation to resilient, adaptive, and climate-neutral cities and regions

In response to the ambitious objectives of the European Green Deal and Adaptation Strategy, many European cities and regions have embarked on a transformational journey, aiming to rethink their social, economic, and infrastructural systems in order to achieve resilience as well as climate neutrality. If it is clear that these 2 objectives are very much related, governance and financial structures often do not allow a comprehensive reflection on regional and local needs for transformation. This stream explores the conditions enabling a successful transformation that considers both resilience and climate neutrality:

a) Financial mechanisms and opportunities to enable the resilient and climate-neutral transformation

b) Mobilising multi-level stakeholders to invest in a (green) transformation

c)AI tools and innovation to accelerate the transformation

Guiding questions:
Which financing instruments can cities and regions channel to drive a transformation that is both resilient and climate-neutral?
How can investors measure the benefits of nature-positivity?
What concrete strategies do public administrations have to support behavioural change in citizens? How can they collaborate to achieve this goal?


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Our common Mission: collaboration for a resilient and climate-neutral future

In a crucial moment for the EU Missions, when cities and regions are actively engaging with projects and activities and set their expectations, this session aims to reflect on the opportunities to maximise cross-Missions collaboration through analysing tools integration.

Adaptation Finance: Bridging the Gap Between Financiers and Cities

In the session we recognize that addressing climate adaptation challenges requires a multifaceted approach involving both government and investor participation. While there are existing maturity assessment models for measuring public authorities capabilities in technical aspects of adaptation, there is a need for models that focus on funding and finance capabilities for adaptation. Furthermore, this session delves into the opportunities and barriers to financing climate adaptation actions in cities. It will feature financing experts that will present successful business cases which have attracted financial institutions' interest, and also city practitioners sharing their experiences in maturing projects to bankability level while ensuring resilience co-benefits.

Bridging the Gap: Mobilizing Local Resources for Climate Resilience Through Public-Private Partnerships

As communities grapple with climate change, investing in resilience is paramount. However, funding remains a significant hurdle. While public investment has been pivotal, engaging the private sector is crucial to fill the financing gap. This workshop aims to address barriers hindering governmental and project-level funding, striving to render adaptation projects more attractive for private investment. The session  seeks to explore strategies enabling local governments to maximize available resources, thereby enhancing the appeal of adaptation projects for private sector participation.

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Unlocking Finance for Smart Resilient Cities

As cities increasingly face challenges posed by climate change, urbanisation and technological advancements, this interactive session aims to empower city leaders and stakeholders with the knoweldge and tools necessary to effectively finance smart and resilient initiatives within their communities. This workshop will explore the financial landscape of climate action initiatives, delve into innovative strategies for enhancing the bankability and reducing the risk of smart city projects, and provide practical insights for securing funding for sustainable urban development.

Communities as Active Partners to Enable Urban Climate Resilience

As climate change intensifies, the imperative for urban areas to adapt and mitigate its effects has never been more critical. This panel bridges UP2030 and the Urban Climate Resilience Program (UCRP) and ACCTING, spotlighting the synergies between achieving climate neutrality and enhancing community resilience against climate hazards. We bring together esteemed city leaders, community representatives and experts in a dynamic dialogue on harnessing participatory research, urban planning through co-production and resilient co-design to forge adaptive, inclusive, and sustainable urban futures.

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AI and innovation for resilience

The session will explore how cities leverage AI and data for urban resilience. We will showcase practical applications, case studies and illustrate real-world impact. Learn how tools like Google Environmental Insights Explorer drive collaboration and help cities develop their climate strategies. Discussions to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by city governments aligning with global sustainability goals.

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