Water resilience and the Blue Economy in and beyond the Mediterranean region

The potential for our oceans is vast, but years of exploitation have left them devastated. Sea level rise has left many European cities and regions fighting with extreme flooding events and failing to adapt adequately to address ongoing challenges and protect vulnerable populations. The Blue Economy provides a holistic alternative to existing models, promoting sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth that can equally improve the health of ocean ecosystems. This stream looks at water as a key element ensuring urban and regional resilience:

a) Concrete regional and local nature and water-based adaptation solutions responding to sea level rise, as well as the more and more frequent droughts, wildfires and flooding events in Europe.

b) The need for improved EU, National and regional policies and regulations on water resilience.

c) Accelerating the transition to a blue economy for the sustainable use of natural assets in the Mediterranean and other water resources in Europe.

Guiding questions:
How are cities using blue and green infrastructure to adapt to increased flooding events?
What binding requirements should the proposal for a Climate and Water Resilience Law include? And to whom should it be addressed?
How can Mediterranean cities facing years-long droughts make a more sustainable use of water resources?


Explore the sessions in this stream
Navigating Forward: Policies for a Water-Resilient Europe

This session will explore strategies for building a water-resilient future in Europe. It will do so by bringing together stakeholders from EU institutions, regional and local public authorities and private stakeholders to discuss a possible way forward

Climate services towards better informed policies and decisions for climate-resilient development

Dive into the intersection of climate services and resilience as we explore strategies for water and heat resilience. In this session, experts will unravel the power of leveraging climate services to enhance our capacity to adapt and respond to challenges posed by changing environmental conditions. Discover innovative approaches, case studies, and collaborative efforts that harness climate information to fortify communities against the impacts of flooding and heat stress.

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Rising to the Challenge: Nature-Based Solutions for Water Resilience in Europe

In light of the increasing pressure on water resources in Europe, this session aims to showcase how nature based solutions for sustainable water management can enchance water resilience in the cities and regions. This session will explore concrete adaptation solutions to droughts and floods, discuss policy enhancements, and accelerate the transition for resilient water management in Europe and the Mediterranean.

Advancing coastal and water resilience in the EU: encouraging the implementation of multi-level Decision-making frameworks

 In this panel discussion, we will have an exchange focusing on the development of solutions and the use of digital tools at the local and regional level to address adaptation challenges. We will explore the role of multi-level approaches in fostering robust and more coordinated decision-making frameworks, aiming to enhance coastal and water resilience. We will discuss the convergence of governance and policy frameworks (multi-level decision-making), technological advancements (enhanced digital tools), and nature-based approaches (Nature-Based Solutions) to foster resilience in coastal and water management.