Disaster Risk Financing Roundtable - Financing a transition towards climate resilience

19. October 9:15 - 10:30

The Disaster Risk Financing Roundtable will kick-off the first session at the Resilience Investment and Financing Forum segment on day two of the European Urban Resilience Forum 2023.

The Roundtable will offer a space for discussion and exchange of experiences from cities, municipalities, financial service providers, investors, and stakeholders on the mobilization of funding for disaster resilience plans and projects.

Bringing together local governments and partners from across Europe and its neighbourhood engaged in the Making Cities Resilient 2030 initiative, the Roundtable will provide a space to hear stories and experiences on the challenges, opportunities, and gaps in accessing funding for resilience projects at local levels, and perspectives on the different types of instruments and opportunities that exist to support them. 

The Roundtable will support a better understanding of the actions required for enhancing capacities, knowledge of, and access to investments and financing for resilience building at local levels. In this way, it will set the scene for subsequent sessions focused on practical solutions for project development and implementation during the Resilience Investment and Financing Forum.

This session is part of the The governance of the new crises: managing and funding resilience in Europe stream.