#EURESFO24 Pitch Session

On 27th June the 2024 European Urban Resilience Forum will feature a solution pitching session aimed at matching the resilience and adaptation needs of public authorities with innovative solutions from leading European Innovation Council (EIC) beneficiaries.  

The pitching sessions will be structured around the specific resilience and adaptation-related challenges identified by representative cities and/or regions. Based on these challenges, a maximum of our five EIC beneficiaries will be selected to present their solution.

During the pitching rounds, public authorities will be able to directly describe their needs and ambitions to the market and engage in impactful dialogues with EIC providers eager to explore mutually beneficial collaborations.

This session is hosted by the SPIN4EIC Strategic Innovation Procurement Programme.

If you are a city or region with a specific resilience and adaptation-related challenge interested in engaging with specially selected innovative solution providers eager to address your needs, please register here.