Valencia Cities Climate Week

The 2024 edition of the European Urban Resilience Forum will take place in the framework of the Valencia Cities Climate Week, together with the Cities Mission Conference  and the Energy Cities' Annual Forum, hosted by the city as part of the Valencia EU Green Capital 2024 celebrations. During the week, we join forces to promote urban sustainability and find common solutions to tackle climate threats. The objective of this event is not only to celebrate these three different gatherings, but to create synergies. Valencia, as a Mediterranean coastal city and the EU Green Capital, constitutes the perfect scenario for coming together and sharing knowledge between the main European actors and civil society.

More information about the other events below.


Cities Mission Conference

The Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities Mission Conference is returning for a third edition in June 2024 on the theme “Empowering cities - The Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities Mission in Action”. The event will gather political representatives and practitioners from the 112 Mission Cities, the Mission Platform, managed by NetZeroCities, along with high-level representatives from EU institutions, and a wide range of stakeholders, including regional and national authorities.
With a focus on the transformative journey towards climate neutrality undertaken by cities, the Conference will be a great opportunity for the Mission to celebrate progress, join forces, and share inspiration. With workshops and policy sessions addressing key challenges, the Conference is intended as a platform for face-to-face interactions and collaboration towards a climate neutral future.

Energy Cities Annual Forum

Energy Cities' annual conference, Grafting Cities, is a privileged space for European cities to share their experiences and learn from others in the green transition.

A Grafting City is a municipality that has begun the art of grafting: writing a new story for the city's future; reinventing its city based on what already exists; showing how a place can thrive by building on its assets to become more diverse and resilient. 

The 2024 edition is dedicated to 'revealing cities'. The annual conference will explore with local authorities the strengths of each region, revealing the invisible. It will leave the floor to the cities to share initiatives, results, needs, collective actions and any kind of contributions that would support cities in nurturing the graft.