#EURESFO23 Study Visits

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#EURESFO23 Study Visits!

Incorporated workshops

This year two of the study visits will offer an incorporated workshop during the tour. Find more information below.

Planning for extreme heat: How can cities beat the heat?

In this workshop, we will kick off the Urban ReLeaf Community of Practice to promote citizen-powered science for inclusive and sustainable urban green transitions, focusing on three topics: foresight scenario planning, public sector innovation and monitoring of the European Green Deal and SDGs. Actors from municipalities, Civil Society Organisations, urban planning, and official data agencies are invited to come together to build knowledge and strategic partnerships to advance the application of citizen powered data ecosystems and earth observations in urban greenspace monitoring, policy formulation and decision making.

What is resilience in practice: the past and the future

The session, " Ecological quality of restoration activities and nature‐based solutions," delves into the fundamental principles and practical strategies that underpin the creation of resilient cities intertwined with their natural surroundings. This comprehensive exploration aims to equip participants with the knowledge and tools required to effectively integrate restoration practices into urban planning for a sustainable future.