What does resilience-building entail for a regional government? An interactive workshop towards a comprehensive assessment framework

18. October 14:15 - 15:45

The EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change and Societal Transformation emphasises the importance of regions as key agents of change, to design pathways of transformation addressing regional and local needs in the face of increasing challenges, including climate change.

But what does resilience-building really mean for a regional government, and how can regions be supported in this process?

The Regional Resilience Maturity Model (RRMM) is a framework currently under development within the EU-funded project Regions4Climate. It aims at developing a common understanding of the resilience-building process at regional level, embedding climate and societal transformation within a broader resilience framework. Based on periodical assessments of resilience maturity, the tool provides guidance to regions through the use of policy-linked indicators.

This hands-on workshop aims at presenting, discussing and validating the RRMM framework with the help of representatives, experts and stakeholders from local and regional institutions across Europe. An interactive format will facilitate discussions on how regions can best be supported in assessing and advancing their resilience-building process. In particular, a focus will be placed on how specific regional governance structures and competences influence resilience-building and what “Resilience Maturity” means for regions, considering their contexts and priorities.

This session is part of the Challenging knowledge and innovation: accelerating a resilient and just transformation stream.


Leire Martiarena


Leire Martiarena, Zabala
Izaskun De Allende


Leire Martiarena, Zabala


Erica Manuelli

ICLEI Europe

Erica Manuelli, ICLEI Europe
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ICLEI Europe

Erika Palmieri, ICLEI Europe