The governance of the new crises: managing and funding resilience in Europe

The sessions under this topic aim to look into multi-level structures and opportunities for managing and funding adaptation projects and action. Reflecting on a changed climate and new extreme events over the past 10 years, speakers will discuss innovative governance models and funding schemes to deal with multi-hazard scenarios and more frequent climate extremes and overlapping crises.

Guiding question: How can a European Partnership on resilience be consolidated to coordinate governance and funding approaches and effectively support cities and regions in their resilience journey towards 2030 and beyond?


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How do Ukraine cities maintain the ambition for sustainable development?

Ukrainian cities, much like their European counterparts, are dedicated to pursuing sustainable and resilient development. They face the challenges of coping with the ongoing impacts of war, alongside a diverse range of crises, including heatwaves, flooding, rapid urbanization, pandemics etc. We will hear and learn from Ukraine cities, explore their challenges and how they align with those of other European cities. The discussion on how to move forward will continue in an engaging panel format.

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Europe has a Mission: a journey towards European resilience has begun

By raising provocative questions on the last two years of action and the current challenges and ambitions for resilience, the session aims to shed a light on the most relevant developments and opportunities, lessons learned and open questions to accelerate the just and resilient transition in Europe.

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MCR2030 Disaster Risk Financing Roundtable - Financing a transition towards climate resilience

The Disaster Risk Financing Roundtable will offer a space for discussion and exchange of experiences from cities, financial service providers and investors and stakehoders on the implementation of disaster resilience plans and projects. Bringing together cities and actors from across Europe and its neighbourhood engaged in the Making Cities Resilient 2030 initiative, the Roundtable will explore challenges and opportunities in mobilising funding for building resilience to shared and contextual challenges of cities in the region. The Roundtable will provide a space to hear stories and experiences, and allow for a discussion with the participants of EURESFO 2023.

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Nature-Positive Economy & Financing: Navigating Ecosystem Restoration and Private Investment

Advocate integrating the nature-positive economy into strategic planning, funding, research, incentives. Accelerate impact on sustainable development, distinct from circular and bioeconomies. Join our session for insights on harmonising economics with nature, prioritising restoration, private finance, innovative financing, overcoming barriers.

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Facilitating Climate Adaptation through Risk Insurance: Community led Decision Making Process for Urban Resilience

This session aims to highlight the impact of community based urban resilience assessments in developing impactful risk insurance solutions for climate adaptation. The session will shed the light on key lessons learned from the program previous experiences in rural settings, as well as the challenges and opportunities for transferring this knowledge into urban settings.

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MATCHMAKING - Urban Resilience Solutions Pitch Session

This event aims to upscale and increase the impact of innovative and sustainable solutions. Cities and regions will have the opportunity to hear from solution providers on how their solution can be effectively utilised by cities and regions to respond to resilience and adaptation challenges.

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How to finance smart and climate-resilient projects

This workshop aims to share experiences from different stakeholders on how to design bankable climate adpataion and resilience projects, which rely and use smart technologies, data driven approaches and modelling capabilities.

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Leveraging local powers, assets and revenue streams to create „bankable“ investment propositions

Participants will engage in a facilitated exercise to explore financing alternatives for selected adaptation project cases. Options for financing will consider both internal local government funding options and the leveraging of local powers, assets and revenue streams, and external private finance options. Through this exercise the session will consider the evolving landscape of adaptation investment sources and instruments. It will identify ways to bridge the gap between the local adaptation plans and project concepts and the necessary portfolios of financed projects that are generally required to build true local climate resilience.

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MATCHMAKING (part 2) - the Gap Fund

This session will equip participants with the understanding and tools to access technical assistance for climate finance. By introducing the Gap Fund application and review process, as well as featuring lessons learned from cities in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the session will empower cities to develop fundable climate projects that advance both local and global climate goals.

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