How to finance smart and climate-resilient projects

19. October 12:00 - 13:15

As cities across Europe have increasingly relied on digitally-driven solutions to face resilience challenges, local governments must often overcome financial, market and informational barriers to effectively implement their smart and sustainable projects.  This session will focus on how cities have applied innovative funding and market engagement schemes to deal with multi-hazard scenarios, increasingly frequent climate extremes and overlapping crises.

The session will delve into the crucial nexus of smart cities and resilience, focusing on the importance of informed and innovative financing schemes and city-business opportunities. , climate-financial disclosure and city-business collaboration for local governments. It will explore how cities and regions have introduced smart solutions to their resilience strategies and actions, and consider how  smart city initiatives can be strategically financed and sourced to enhance resilience, promote long-term sustainability and empower local governments to build smart,  thriving and future-ready urban environments.

There will be 40 minutes of presentations followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.


This session is part of the The governance of the new crises: managing and funding resilience in Europe stream.



Grace Sly

ICLEI Europe

Grace Sly, ICLEI Europe
Tommaso Buso

Senior Analyst, Bankers without Boundaries (BwB)

Tommaso Buso, Senior Analyst, Bankers without Boundaries (BwB)

Tommaso is a senior analyst at BwB, where he covers numerous projects of sustainable finance, ranging from sovereign green bond issuance, NBS investments, cities decarbonisation modelling, structuring of financing facilities, all the way to circular economy project selection and appraisal and carbon finance. Over 3 years, he has worked with companies and organisations across Asia, Europe, Africa and America. Previously, he has worked for the retail ESG practice of Amundi AM, Europe’s largest asset manager, and the sustainable finance division of Deloitte France, the largest European sustainability advisory team. Tommaso holds a master’s degree in Economics and Public Affairs at Sciences Po Paris and speaks 4 languages.

Étienne Métais

Associate Director Europe, CDP

Étienne Métais, Associate Director Europe, CDP

Étienne Métais is Program Director at CDP, the global NGO that runs the only independent environmental disclosure mechanism for investors, companies, cities, regions and public authorities. He commits local and regional governments toward more climate transparency and action. Responsibilities in this area cover the recruitment of cities, states and regions to start measuring and managing their climate change mitigation and adaptation data, and the support in their preparation and submission of their annual CDP responses. He is also in charge of establishing and managing key strategic partnerships and fundraising opportunities in Europe that can multiply CDP’s impact and grow the Cities, States and Regions programme.

Roos Meilink

Chief Resilience Officer, The Hague

Roos Meilink, Chief Resilience Officer, The Hague

Roos Meilink is one of the two Chief Resilience Officers in the Netherlands, where she leads the development and implementation of resilience strategies and initiatives to prepare the city of The Hague and the Municipal Organization for future shocks and stresses. Roos is part of the global Resilient Cities network, which enables her to exchange knowledge and best practices with peers from different cities and regions. Roos holds a Master of Public Administration degree and a bachelor of engineering degree and has nearly 20 years of experience in working on complex societal issues within various government layers. By integrating governance principles, business continuity practices, and strategic public administration, she bridge the gap between organizational and urban resilience. Roos' commitment lies in creating lasting impact, fostering compliance, continuity, and empowering communities to thrive amidst challenges.

Luis Tejero

Coordinator adapatation to climate change programs, Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Luis Tejero, Coordinator adapatation to climate change programs, Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Agricultural engineer and Master in City Science. He has been working for Municipality of Madrid since 2005. His activity has been developed at different departments, Parks & Gardens, Environmental Education and since last years at Energy and Climate Change Dept. Currently he is working on Climate Change policies, focusing on coordination of Adaptation to Climate Change city programs. As part of his functions on this role, he is coordinator of European projects on the municipality, such as CLEVER CITIES, Life VEG-GAP or Life PACT projects. Internally he has managed initiatives like ROADMAP TOWARS CLIMATE NEUTRALITY OF MADRID, or the program MADRID + NATURAL, he coordinates and imparts several training courses within the municipality.

Paolo Lopes Silva

Councillor for Smart Cities and Innovation, City of Guimarães

Paolo Lopes Silva, Councillor for Smart Cities and Innovation, City of Guimarães

Councillor in Guimarães City Council with responsibility for the following areas: Culture, Administrative Modernization and Quality, Intelligent and Information Information Systems, Customer Service, Human Resources and Tourism. He is also chairman of the board of A Oficina Cooperative and a representative of the Municipality of Guimarães on the board of the Norte Cultural Association and on the General Assembly of the Portuguese Association of Municipalities with a Historic Center. He has a degree in Computer Engineering and a Master's in Systems Engineering from the University of Minho. of Minho, he has a degree in SCRUM Master and Digital Transformation from the Instituto Superior Technical Institute of the University of Lisbon.


Jorge Rodrigues de Almeida

Managing Director, RdA Climate Solutions

Jorge Rodrigues de Almeida, Managing Director, RdA Climate Solutions

Founder and Managing Partner of RdA Climate Solutions, an independent advisory boutique specialized in climate change with a special focus on energy and sustainable finance.

Leading adviser on sustainable energy and climate adaptation who has been working for 20 years at European level for governments, cities and major industries.

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