A post-industrial revolution with nature!

14. September 14:00 - 15:30

How should future cities look and feel? Some cities are doing the necessary work to create a post-industrial transition with nature. They are not merely becoming sustainable – but attractive, resilient, healthy, inclusive, aesthetic and engaging.

This session will delve into how innovative nature-based solutions (NBS) have been implemented to revitalise post-industrial districts. Among the speakers the session will see experts from proGIreg, an EU-funded project that has supported cities redesign their post-industrial districts in collaboration with citizens and nature in varied European cities. Further technical experts working on nature-based solutions globally, will discuss how these solutions can be utilised in urban design for multiple benefits.

Iva Bedenko will highlight the great inclusive work with NBS done in Zagreb in her presentation ‘NBS as a safe space for the most vulnerable’. Anacleto Rizzo will present on ‘NBS for watering the future green cities’ showcasing examples from many projects that have transformed water systems in Europe and beyond, such as the NICE project.  Laura Guaita will discuss ‘the role of education and awareness to encourage NBS implementation’ and Teresa Ribeiro will share the great example of Cascais on ‘building communities for resilience’ through the use of NBS.

Join this session to learn more about nature-based solutions and share your views on the topic!


Iva Bedenko

Senior advisor for preparation and implementation of regional and international projects - City of Zagreb, City Office of Strategic Planning and Development of the City

Iva Bedenko, Senior advisor for preparation and  implementation of regional and international projects - CITY OF ZAGREB, City Office of Strategic Planning and Development of the City

MA from the Zagreb School of Architecture in 1998. Worked at architectural design offices from 1995 to 2001. Currently working in Zagreb City government and as secretary of Europan Croatia. Worked on implementation of many EU-funded projects including currently running proGIreg, which focuses on implementing nature based solutions in post-industrial city areas, and as part of the team that produced the City of Zagreb Master Plan 2000+, and the Strategies of development of the City of Zagreb and Zagreb Urban Agglomeration. Speaks fluent English and good French.

Laura Guaita

Project Manager - Specialist in Urban and Landscape Design, KEAN - Cell of Alternative Youth Activities

Laura Guaita, Project Manager - Specialist in Urban and Landscape Design, KEAN - Cell of Alternative Youth Activities

Laura Guaita is a graduate of the Polytechnic University of Milan and holds a BSc Degree in Architecture, as well as a post-graduate degree (MSc) in Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design.

She is currently working as a Project Manager for KEAN – Cell of Alternative Youth Activities, an NGO based in Athens, Greece, active on multiple projects regarding non-formal education and creativity, social inclusion and human rights, sustainability and environmental awareness.

In KEAN, Laura is coordinating, supervising, and implementing the activities of multiple EU-funded projects, including the H2020 proGIreg project, aiming at promoting the use of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) for the urban regeneration of postindustrial districts, through participative co-design and co-creation processes.

She believes in education and awareness as key factors for change, and she advocates for holistic and trans-disciplinary approaches to explore ways to create more sustainable communities and environment.

Anacleto Rizzo

Partner, IRIDRA Srl

Anacleto Rizzo, Partner, IRIDRA Srl

Anacleto Rizzo is M.Sc. in Civil Engineering, PhD in Engineering for Natural and Built Environment in 2013. He is an expert in water sustainable management (saving, reuse, recycling); nature-based solutions for wastewater treatment (constructed wetland); water management and climate change adaptation policy; ecosystem services; green and blue infrastructure; sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), co-design of Nature-based Solutions with citizens and stakeholders.

From January 2015 in-house consultant in Research, Development, Dissemination and Design for Iridra Srl; from April 2018 he became partner of Iridra Srl. He worked on more than 50 among feasibility studies and design projects on his specific topics (e.g., constructed wetland wastewater treatment plant or SuDS components). He worked since 2018 and is currently involved in several R&D EC Funded projects (H2020: HYDROUSA, PAVITR; MULTISOURCE, NICE; ENI CBC MED: NAWAMED; PRIMA: AGREEMed). He is author of several paper and book chapters, including has being  Editor of “Nature-Based Solutions for Wastewater Treatment” (2021, IWA Publishing). He is currently co-chairin the IWA Working Group on Nature-Based Solutions.

Maria Teresa Ribeiro

Landscape Architecht, Cascais Municipality

Maria Teresa Ribeiro, Landscape Architecht, Cascais Municipality

She graduated in 1989, started her professional career at Nature Conservation Institute/Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais, where she developed urban planning tasks concerning nature and landscape conservation, including the plans for management and revitalization of the parks in the Cultural Landscape of Sintra. By the end of 1996 she joined the City council of Cascais, where she was head of division for green urban areas, and later as the Environmental Department Director. Between 2006 and 2012 she developed several landscape architectural projects for green leisure areas and historical gardens. For three years she worked with a project team focused on pedestrian accessibility in urban areas. Since 2016, she is working with Cascais Ambiente where she develops projects of Urban Agriculture and green leisure areas, and she is proGIreg’s project manager, leading the follower city team.


Vasileios Latinos

Coordinator, Urban Resilience and Climate Adaption, ICLEI Europe

Vasileios Latinos, Coordinator, Urban resilience and climate adaption, ICLEI Europe

Vasileios is a climate adaptation and resilience expert, with 13+ years experience, working with local and regional governments throughout Europe. He is coordinating the resilience portfolio of ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability for Europe, responsible for development, management and coordination of projects and services in the topical areas of climate change adaptation, urban resilience and disaster risk reduction and supporting the programmatic development of ICLEI in this field. Vasileios is also involved in standardisation activities and manages the European Urban Resilience Forum since 2016.