14. September 2022

Opening Plenaries

A strategic perspective towards a climate resilient and inclusive future for European cities and regions

The opening plenary will look into the recent EU policy developments and in particular the Mission for Climate Adaptation and Societal Transformation and will offer insights from European cities that have been pioneers in adaptation and resilience planning, and which will share on their plans to contribute in making Europe climate resilient by 2030.

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Focus on Athens: from dealing with heat and wildfires to regenerating the city centre

The session will open featuring the Chief Heat Officer of the city, Ms. Eleni Myrivili, and will continue with an active discussion on the operational past and future of Athens with regards to planning for climate adaptation, with practitioners from the city of Athens and the Region of Attica in discussion with experts from the European Investment Bank.

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Parallel Sessions day 1

Masterclass on Urban Heat: from Analysis to Action

The “Masterclass on Urban Heat: From Analysis to Action” is an opportunity to present scientific developments in the field, as well as showcase how cities innovate to address the challenge. The Masterclass aims to engage the wider community of knowledge experts and city representatives to discuss on heat risk analysis, heat-related policies and governance, as well as solution interventions.

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How is your city adapting? An open conversation on implementing and accelerating climate adaptation!

The upcoming EEA Urban Adaptation Report 2024 aims at showcasing “what works”, providing a practical guide for city administrations to learn from each other and push forward in implementing their own climate adaptation strategies. This session is an opportunity for cities to have this conversation. It will also be used to help shape the content of the report.

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A post-industrial revolution with nature!

This session will delve into how innovative nature-based solutions have been implemented to revitalise post-industrial districts. Among the speakers the session will see experts from proGIreg, an EU-funded project that has supported cities redesign their post-industrial districts in collaboration with citizens and nature in varied European cities.

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Resilient Governance: Chief Resilience Officers' roundtable

The objective of this session is to create awareness on the importance of the CRO/resilience office role within city government, increase the understanding of how the CROs are creating change within their cities across geographies and give an outlook of the “future” of resilience governance.

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Living with water: planning for coastal adaptation, smart cities and resilient territories

In this session, city representatives around Europe will have the opportunity to discuss together about cities’ challenges, and share expertise on coastal adaptation strategies that include ecological principles.

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Using data for accelerated climate action and resilience

In this session we will hear from practitioners, how data could enhance integrated climate action and facilitate better decision-making processes on a local level, including the use of tools such as the Google Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE).

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15. September 2022


Utilising NBS for an equitable transition towards urban resilience

This workshop aim to enable the sharing of experiences between ULLs and interaction among ULLs and local stakeholders from diverse spheres with different knowledge backgrounds, including scientists, policy makers, local community and local businesses.

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Transformative pathways for a more resilient, regional development in Europe and beyond

This session represents a great opportunity to foster shared collective learning and coordination amongst the existing networks, to discuss with actors from the regional and community levels about the challenges faced, and to agree on the joint way forward for the next years.

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Ukraine Cities on the Path to Resilient and Sustainable Post-War Recovery

In this workshop we will get the latest update on the current situation in Ukraine from a city perspective. In a World Café format we will explore, learn and create preconditions for support and mutual development. Simply explore the opportunities in this given situation.

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Site visits

Local study trips

The EURESFO will offer all participants the opportunity to choose between two site visits. Check out the opportunities below!

Lycabettus Hill
  • Bus from Technopolis to Lycabettus Hill- View of Lycabettus Hill- Tour at the ongoing projects.
  • Boarding the bus and stop at Omonia square - road tour (Panepistimiou Av. - Syntagma square - National Garden and Vasilissis Olgas Av.).
National Garden
  • Bus from Technopolis to the National Garden - Tour at the Garden and the ongoing projects.
  • Boarding the bus and stop at Omonia square - road tour (Panepistimiou Av. - Syntagma square and Vasilissis Olgas Av.).

Parallel Sessions day 2

From seed to tree: Tackling climate hazards with the European Policy Support Facility

The Covenant of Mayors – Europe organises this session to bring together participants of the Policy Support Facility: international experts, national stakeholders from Member States and, most importantly, European cities and regions, coming together to prepare their adaptation actions.

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Digital Twins to Future-Proof Europe’s Buildings and Neighbourhoods

This session focuses on the power of digital twins in helping cities future-proof their built environment and wider urban systems. It features a panel discussion between representatives from leading cities and from the private sector that are working with building- and city-scale modelling applications.

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Making Cities Resilient 2030: Resilience Hubs: from expectation to reality

Collaboration is the key component behind Resilience Hubs, and this session will bring them together to discuss how they are supporting peer cities in building resilience and how they are taking the lead to address the climate emergency, inspiring and bringing cities on board.

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Closing Plenary

Financing a resilience partnership in Europe and beyond

This session is aimed at addressing the key objectives of developing a Resilience Partnership, that can help achieve the EU Mission Adaptation to Climate Change target in supporting at least 150 European regions and communities towards climate resilience by 2030, while upscaling its impact beyond Europe, and building stronger synergies with the 2030 Global Agendas. Raising the questions of who is involved? What are the commitments of different partners? And how can climate adaptation financing be mobilised to achieve these targets?

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