Site visits

Sofielund 2030 – Sustainable city development towards a resilient city district

Södra Sofielund is a neighbourhood of Malmö, situated in the Borough of Södra Innerstaden, Malmö Municipality, Skåne County, Sweden. Better known as simply Sofielund, the area is a mixed city with multi-family houses, villas and street houses built from the 1860s onwards. The residential area coexists with large and small industries, car washes, cultural and sports associations as well as public activities. Originally from the outskirts of Malmö, Sofielund is now almost the city's physical heart, which creates both opportunities for good synergies and goal conflicts (e.g. increased housing construction Vs. good conditions for larger industries).

During this study visit you will experience:
BID Sofielund, a property owners' association with about 80+ members and their work with sustainable development in Sofielund to the local implementation of Agenda 2030.
A guided tour of the district while finding out more about interesting future development as well as challenges.


  • Cross-sectoral collaboration for sustainable urban development
  • Blue-green solutions
  • Urban farming
  • Use of common areas and “spaces” in the city for increased security and well-being in an urban area.

Parkering MalmÖ - how a parking company can maximize the societal benefits when building car parks for the future

The Parkering Malmö is a multi-functional multi-stoery car parking under construction. This site visit will take you to the construction site of Europe’s largest car park made of wood, which also aims to become an energy hub of the city district where its located.

The wooden car park that Parkering Malmö is currently building in Sege Park is a unique project that has already received a lot of attention, both nationally and internationally. You will have the opportunity to listen to why parking should not be placed in the basement and why a water reservoir should be put there instead.

Scandinavian Green Roof Institute (SGRI)

Scandinavian Green Roof Institute (SGRI) works with green roofs and green walls, stormwater management, ecosystem services, city trees and green buildings to ensure a broad understanding of blue-green solutions. SGRI provides services primarily aimed at landscape architects, civil engineers, property owners and tenant-owner associations and has expertise in building, material selection and design of green roofs and green walls and related challenges.

In this study visit, we will learn about their recent projects and visit their experimental roof adding a walking tour in the neighbouring, “Ekostaden, Augustenborg”, which won the UN's World Habitat Award 2010 for its urban sustainability work. We will experience the district's unique open stormwater management system, the green infrastructure, the property recycling, the joint cultivation and more.