Shaping a resilient post-COVID-19 urban era with nature and effective planning in Africa

What have African cities done that supports long-term resilience building? Do these interventions help cities recover from the global COVID-19 pandemic? What can we learn? This webinar gathers African experts and Mayors from within the ICLEI network to showcase how nature-based solutions and effective planning techniques are key to designing future resilient solutions.

2:00 PM CEST
ICLEI CBC and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

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Covid-19, justice, and sustainability in cities - UrbanA Open Webinar

Can COVID-19 be a turning point on how we imagine and plan our cities? This session will include a short lecture followed by an online conversation on how the COVID-19 has exacerbated urban environmental and health inequalities and how it can be a unique chance to create more just and sustainable urban futures.

This webinar is part of a broader multi-stakeholder initiative and engagement of UrbanA and BCNUEJ partners to build opportunities and address challenges towards more resilient and sustainable cities, where justice, equity, and inclusion are at the heart of planning, policy, and civic processes, rather than an after-thought or a peripheral consideration.

5 JUNE 2020
14:30 CEST
UrbanA - Arenas for sustainable and just cities

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Applying the principles of resilience building and DRR for the unexpected

Join the next edition of the City Resilience Stories Webinar Series, 'Applying the principles of resilience building and DRR for the unexpected'.

For this session, speakers will share experiences from Australian cities in coping with the multiple disasters they have experienced over the past 6 months, ranging from wildfires to flooding, and the recent Coronavirus pandemic. This webinar co-organized by ICLEI and UNDRR (GETI) will address the principles of resilience building and disaster risk reduction for unexpected crises and disasters in cascade.

7:00 AM CEST
ICLEI Resilient Development Program

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Recovering from Pandemic: Transforming cities through subnational leadership

Join representatives from New York City, Local 2030, ICLEI and global subnational representatives for a dialogue on subnational leadership on incorporating climate and sustainability goals into the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

5:00 PM CEST
ICLEI Resilient Development Program

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