The European Urban Resilience Forum 2020

Exploring the interrelation between urban adaptation, resilience and public health, the 2020 European Urban Resilience Forum (Euresfo) will address first-hand the impacts of COVID-19 in cities worldwide. The event will take place on 27 May and, for the first time in the conference series, as an online debate.

Adapting to the current global reality and moving the discussion forward, the Forum will explore the pandemic’s effects on cities and analyse local European responses. In addition, topics such as the integration of mitigation and adaptation, and the use of nature-based solutions for low carbon and resilient development will be discussed.

“Among other topics, the Forum will address how this crisis affects cities’ core services and activities, such as infrastructure and social interaction patterns. A psychological effect and a change in productivity are expected to happen,” said ICLEI Sustainable Resources, Climate and Resilience Officer, Vasileios Latinos.

Organised by ICLEI Europe and the European Environment Agency, the Forum will keep its informative, open and interactive format. Speakers and participants from European cities and regions, institutions and the private sector will engage in discussions on important on-going processes that will shape the future.