Europe has a Mission: a journey towards European resilience has begun

18. October 16:00 - 17:15

February 2021: the European Commission launches an updated strategy on adaptation to climate change and sets very ambitious expectations: Europe will become the first resilient continent in the world by 2050. Within this document, a new programme to accelerate climate action is announced: the EU Policy Support Facility under the Covenant of Mayors – Europe, a two-years initiative to test approaches and measures for advancing resilience at the local and regional scale.

March 2022: the EU Mission on Adaptation is set. Building on the experience of the EU Policy Support Facility, this programme aims to accelerate resilience in 150 regions by 2030. The Mission includes a Community of Practice, a unified platform and several projects that will support the development of transformational pathways for a more resilient continent. Among the very first test-bed projects, REGILIENCE develops, compiles, shares and promotes tools and scientific knowledge to support European regions in identifying and addressing their climate-related risks. On the other hand, among the last generation of projects, Pathways2Resilience intends to advance a transformative and innovative approach to strengthen climate resilience in 100 regions.

This session brings together representatives from regions and cities as well as from the Mission Secretariat at the European Commission, experts and practitioners involved in the EU Policy Support Facility and in the Mission Adaptation. By raising provocative questions on the last two years of action and the current challenges and ambitions for resilience, it aims to shed a light on the most relevant developments and opportunities, lessons learned and open questions to accelerate the just and resilient transition in Europe. In particular, the session will focus on implementation of adaptation action, discussing multilevel coordination (EU-regional-local) and funding management.

This session is part of the The governance of the new crises: managing and funding resilience in Europe stream.