Towards resilient and well adapted coastal areas - addressing needs and challenges of cities through the use of digital tools and data analysis

18. October 14:15 - 15:45


This workshop session will promote the discussion on threats faced by coastal cities in relation to climate change and explore the use of digital tools and implementation of nature-based solutions (NbS) to promote resilient urban environments. The session will analyse coastal cities needs and challenges emphasizing three key topical areas: governance, nature & infrastructure, and decision-making tools. In the governance field, the dialogue will focus on current policy frameworks and the communication barriers between practitioners and policy makers on coastal risks. The nature & infrastructure field will explore the benefits of implementing ecosystem-based solutions and restoration measures to enhance coastal adaptation and resilience. Finally, Users’ needs and functionalities of climate services to support long term decision making and the evolving of next generation tools will be showcased through the H2020 CoCliCo open web-platform.

The workshop will be structured as topical discussions on three key areas:

  1.  Overcoming legislation and communication barriers on potential coastal risks
  2. Implementing Ecosystem-Based Approaches (EBA) for coastal adaptation
  3. Coastal climate services: next generation decision making tools

We are excited to invite actors from municipalities, Civil Society Organisations, researchers and practitioners, urban planners across Europe. By attending this workshop, you will have the opportunity to join the discussions shaping up the development of coastal climate services and its use for decision making and implementation of solutions.

This session is part of the Challenging knowledge and innovation: accelerating a resilient and just transformation stream.


Etiënne Kras

Researcher / Advisor, Deltares

Etiënne Kras, Researcher / Advisor, Deltares

Etiënne Kras is an advisor and researcher in the Hydraulic Engineering unit at Deltares. In 2019, he obtained his engineering degree from the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, in Hydraulic Engineering with a specialization in Coastal Engineering. For this, he joined Deltares in 2018 for his MSc thesis work and he subsequently started as advisor and researcher in the department Resilient Ports & Coasts. Currently, he is involved in a broad range of advice and research projects. Many of these projects evolve around the digital transformation within Deltares, where Etiënne brings various Earth Observation applications into Coastal Engineering practice. Some other projects concern (seabed) morphology modelling analyses, metocean studies, climate change assessments and physical modelling in Deltares' facilities.

Pär Svensson

Strategist, City of Malmo

Pär Svensson, Strategist, City of Malmo
Julia Nerantzia Tzortzi

Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering, Politecnico di Milano

Julia Nerantzia Tzortzi, Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering, Politecnico di Milano

Prof. Julia Nerantzia Tzortzi is Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering of Politecnico di Milano while previously she was professor in Universities in Cyprus (Neapolis University of Cyprus) and in Greece (International University of Greece) and visiting professor in several Universities (ZUST University - China, Hellenic Open University - Greece, Thessaly University - Greece). In the last 25 years she has been leading more than 40 European and other Programmes (e.g.HARMONIA as coordinator, MI-TRAP, euPOLIS, GreenVest,  HOMEE, YADES,  proGIreg, GREENLINK, PERIURBAN, GARDEN ART DESIGN) with an emphasis on Natural Based Solutions, Climate Change, Cultural Landscapes, Environmental Projection and Design through: HORIZON 2020, RISE,  JPI, INTERREG IVC, FP7, LIFE+.

Julia is Board Member of LE: NOTRE INSTITUTE, Fellow of Landscape Institute (UK), member of AIAPP (Italy), PHALA (Greece), ETEK (Cyprus), IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects).  Julia has served for 15 years as Executive Professional in Landscape Architecture at the Ministry of Environment, Urban Planning and Energy – Climate Change of Greece. During her service at the Ministry she served as National Contact Point at LIFE project, Special Scientists at Athens 2004 Olympic Games as well as General Project Manager at the Environmental Awareness Park Organization of Antonis Tritsis, the largest urban park in Greece (120 Ha).


Paul Sayers

Partner SPL, UK

Paul Sayers, Partner SPL, UK