Nature-Positive Economy & Financing: Navigating Ecosystem Restoration and Private Investment

19. October 10:30 - 11:45

Advocate integrating the nature-positive economy into strategic planning, funding, research, incentives. Accelerate impact on sustainable development, distinct from circular and bioeconomies. Join our session for insights on harmonising economics with nature, prioritising restoration, private finance, innovative financing, overcoming barriers.

This session is part of the The governance of the new crises: managing and funding resilience in Europe stream.


João Dinis

Head of Office / Director, Cascais city

João Dinis, Head of Office / Director, Cascais city

João Dinis has been developing climate change action and sustainable development strategies through innovative approaches on spatial planning, technology and governance models for the last 15 years. By managing local strategies for climate change, partnerships and stakeholders are brought in a multi-specialist and multi-institutional approach to develop a roadmap towards a resilient future. This resulted in a frontrunning experience which led to the implementation of over 40 climate actions in the last 5 years for the city of Cascais, the development of monitoring and digital tools which help both citizens and risk related stakeholders, nature-based solutions which significantly contributed to the quality of life of citizens and also for smooth mobility solutions, governance models with established processes and a comprehensive set of communication tools aiming towards environmental awareness for all socio-demographic target audiences.

Lene Vinther Larsen

Aarhus Kommune

Lene Vinther Larsen, Aarhus Kommune

Lene Vinther Larsen, (Female), MSc, Biology, in the Technical and Environmental Department of the Municipality of Aarhus, Denmark. She is an expert in nature management, planning and legislation and has 23 years of working experience: 5 years as leader of management systems of quality, environment, work environment and energy, and more than 18 years as civil servant in public administration. She is a specialist in working with nature and ecosystem management, planning, habitat restoration, biodiversity, and climate adaptation. Lene is head of the Nature, Streams and Marine sections, Department of Water and Nature, Municipality of Aarhus and before then head of Urban Planning. She is also cooperative manager of the involvement of the Green Council (associations and organizations) that advise the City Council on use and protection of nature and marine environments in aspects of sustaining ecosystems and adding recreative values that benefit health and wellbeing in AK.

Michael Kernitzkyi

Joanneum Research Institute

Michael Kernitzkyi, Joanneum Research Institute
Daniela Rizzi

ICLEI Europe

Daniela Rizzi, ICLEI Europe


Siobhan McQuaid-Cullen

Trinity College Dublin

Siobhan McQuaid-Cullen, Trinity College Dublin